1. Edward Seeley

    This has really given me a few things to think about in relation to my diet.
    I have only concentrated on aversion therapy up to now by using distracting sounds to cancel the tinnitus out.
    I will try some of the more powerful supplements you mention and see how i get on.
    Thank you for this post.

    • Never thought of that cause, Peggy, I will add it as cause to the post. I am also a lot behind the computer, so that’s perhaps for me also the reason, thank you! Kind regards, Loes

  2. Hey Loes; I am suffering from tinnitus for long time now. I will try these alternatives to see if can get any better.
    I like your presentation in the whole issue of causes and possible treatment.
    Greetings! Damian.

    • Hi Damian, in the regular medical science they tell you to learn to live with it, I hope you’ll find something what, at least, makes it bearable. Have a great day, Loes:)

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