1. Linda Bath

    What a great article. I had no idea Aloe was used for so many things! It grows very well here and I have used it topically for burns and rashes, but now will be ingesting it as well. Thank you for such great information! I am bookmarking and will be checking back for more.

  2. Danielle

    De Aloë Vera plant is een van mijn favoriete planten. Absoluut fantastisch. Een all rounder. Ik heb hem op mijn vensterbank staan. En voor een plant met zo veel voordelen voor de gezondheid is het erg makkelijk om hem te laten groeien en hij vergt weinig onderhoud. Als je een paar dagen vergeet om water te geven blijft hij het gewoon doen.

    Dank je wel Loes voor jouw website met zulke geweldige informatie.



    • Hallo Daniëlle, wat leuk dat je zelf je aloë vera planten teelt, dan heb je ook echt verse aloë gel. Geneeskracht ten top! Ga ik ook eens over nadenken. Het moet wel de Aloë Vera Barbadensis Miller zijn. Van de 200 soorten hebben er maar 4 echte geneeskrachtige eigenschappen. Dank je wel voor je leuke antwoord. Groetjes Loes

  3. Cathy Scallan/An Income 4 All

    Great article with lots of helpful information. I have a lot of aloe plants in my yard, never realized how much they can do. We use them mostly on burns as it takes away the sting of a burn quickly. Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Hi Cathy, I truly hope you have the good ones in your garden. There are over 200 species, and only 4 of them have medical power. When you want to start using them internally, you have to learn how at first. Only the inner gel is eatable, the outer leaf contains allantoin, a terrific healer for burns, but not healthy to eat. So be careful when you are making your own medicine. Kind regards, Loes

  4. Sami Williams

    Thanks for the great information about aloe vera. Seems this is a good addition to a healthy lifestyle.
    You mentioned that it gave you energy when you put it in your smoothies. How much would be good to put in the smoothie if you were just starting to add it?

    Lots of interesting information here.

    • Hi Sami, Aloë Vera is a very powerful detoxifier. It is advised to start out very carefully, 10ml the first week, then 20 ml the second week, 30ml the third week, and continue with 40 ml every day which follows. You can become a bit tired the first week, because of the detox effect, but after that you will regain more energy. Aloë Vera does fit in a healthy diet. Cheers, on your health! Loes

  5. Michelle

    Awesome post, Loes. I am a BIG fan of Aloe Vera. I had a big plant and lost it while moving house. As soon as the cold months pass, I will get another one. I use it for skin and hair. Sometimes I drink the pre-made drink with the pulp, hmm lekker!
    It is an amazing plant and yes, nature’s goodness. Thanks for sharing.

    • For centuries, this plant has proven its qualities, Cleopatra and Alexander the Great used it according to history, indeed nature’s goodness, thanks Michelle. Kind regards, Loes

  6. Jewel Carol

    Wow! Fantastic article, Loes! I didn’t know there are so many benefits of Aloe Vera! 🙂
    Although I heard about Aloe Vera but I didn’t know it is rich in vitamins and minerals, detoxifcation effect, helps in digestion, great for skin and weight loss!

    That is so awesome!! I am going to put this in my to-buy list, lol.:)

    Thanks so much Loes, I love yr post on top 12 benefits of Aloe Vera!

    Jewel Carol

    • I am using Aloë since 2002 every day now Jewel, and it helped me to cope with my sun allergy. Ever since I use it, I haven’t had those terrible itching bump. It fits in a healthy diet. You will appreciate its power, kind regards, Loes

  7. Roopesh

    Hi Loes
    I am amazed by the wonderful benefits that Aloe Vera does. The one that really got me interested is the its helpful effect of constipation. My dad has been complaining of this for a while now, and I think the conventional laxatives are making his system lazy.

    I am going to give Aloe Vera a shot.

    Thanks for this

    • It will give him certainly more energy, besides all other advantages. Start slowly Roopesh, 10ml a day the first week, then 20 ml the second week, 30ml the third week, and continue with 40 ml every day which follows. It is a very good detox, and you don’t want to do that too quick. The first week your father will be very tired because of this. Kind regards, Loes

  8. I didn’t know aloe vera has a lot of benefits. And I’m surprised that it has good benefit for acid reflux since I have GERD. That’s something new. I also didn’t know that it can act as a painkiller and relieve wound pain. I think this is a better substitute for other creams that contain drugs. I would probably look for an aloe vera cream in the stores especially now with a lot of mosquitoes going around. My kids have been bitten by mosquitoes numerous times and I think aloe vera might help them. Thanks for the info. Very beneficial.

    • Hoi Tim, dank je wel voor je bijdrage. Ik ben het met je eens – en oneens. Aloë latex of heel-bladextract oraal ingenomen kan onveilig zijn en is waarschijnlijk onveilig in hoge doses. … Aloë latex kan ook kanker veroorzaken. Aloë produceert twee stoffen, gel en latex, die worden gebruikt voor dranken en medicatie. Aloë gel is de heldere, geleiachtige substantie die zich in het binnenste deel van het aloë plantblad bevindt. Aloë latex komt van net onder de huid van de plant en is geel van kleur.
      Aloë-latex kan kanker veroorzaken.
      In veel varianten van Aloë Vera dranken wordt het gehele blad gebruikt, dat is voor de fabrikant minder bewerkelijk, en geld verdienen staat dan voorop. Niet het welzijn van de mens.
      Ik kan je garanderen dat de Aloë Vera dranken van Forever Living Products beslist alleen de gel bevatten en niet de, voor de mens schadelijke, stoffen die net onder en in de schil van de Aloë Vera plant voorkomt.

      Het is dan ook verstandig om het etiket te lezen van de Aloë Vera drank die je wilt gaan gebruiken. Of het pure gel bevat of geperst is uit het whole-leaf blad.

      Ik hoop dat ik je hiermee goed geïnformeerd heb Tim

      Groet, Loes

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