1. Therese Roth

    Thank you for this amazing list, Loes!
    It has strong referencing quality for me, and I’m always on the lookout for one or the other good natural source.

    I could even print it out to amend my shopping list!

    Keep the great info coming…..

    • Hi Therese, you’re welcome, many of these are on my shopping list too:) I am too always on the look-out for natural remedies to relief daily inconveniences. There is so much power hidden in our food. You are welcome to come back anytime, see you later:) Loes

  2. Daniel

    I agree, this list is amazing!!! Going to be adding more of these items to my every day shopping list. Thanks for the great info on all these natural,earthly remedies.

    • You are very welcome Daniël, nature has so much to offer, we only have to remember what our ancestors where using to solve their problems, I invite you to come back here anytime, kind regards, Loes

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