1. Rika

    Hi Loes. I am battling to get rid of a cold and came across your post with this wonderful information. I am trying to avoid going to the doctor and drinking antibiotics. Yesterday I tried your suggestion. I had some honey and cinnemon, got into bed and had a good sleep.

    Today I am already feeling much better. I love the fact that all the ingredients are natural. I am definetly going to try the other options you suggest.

    Thank you very much for the helpful information.


    • Hey Rika, lovely to hear some of it worked, every body reacts different on food, what for one works, does nothing for the other, you can try also a fresh clove piece of garlic steered through a bit tomato juice, pure garlic is not nice to eat. Drink the tomato-garlic 4-5 times a day as a shot in one gulp, cheers 🙂 Loes

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