1. Snow White

    I love green tea. I don’t take it with sugar though. It’s nice on its own. When I first consumed green tea, I was told by a friend of mine that for green tea, once you’ve boiled the water you will need to wait for around 5 min because extremely hot water can destroy the benefits of green tea. So when I read your post that says let it cool to 80 degrees, I totally agree with this. There are also now a variety type of green tea and my top favorites are Moroccan Mint green tea and Jasmine green tea. Thank you for sharing the benefits of green tea. I wasn’t aware of this! LOL. I just consume it because people say it’s healthier than black tea and I really love tea. So the added benefits are just another plus to my love of green tea. Nice article. I like it.

  2. Lanu Bennett

    Thanks Loes, I usually start my day with black tea, although I still take green tea mid afternoon after dinner. Does when you take it make a difference?

    • Hi Lanu, thank you for dropping by and leave me a comment. I do think green tea has much more advantages in it than black tea or coffee. You will find all those good vitamins and phytonutrients only in green tea. And the idea of drinking good stuff for my body is giving a boost as well. I am making a litre green tea in the morning, and I drink it the whole day, the first cups are warm, but green tea doesn’t lose its power over the day when you drink it cold too. Kind regards, Loes

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