1. Elizabeth

    I drink coconut water nearly every day. The taste is a little strange in the beginning but you easily get used to it.
    The thing I find fascinating is that after intense exercise, drinking coconut water gives every limb an intensely refreshed, revived feeling. It is like you are refueling the body.
    As you mention the benefits are plenty – one of the those that can be seen is a glowing, fresh complexion.
    The one thing I am not sure of is which is the better water, that from the young coconuts or the more mature ones?

    • Loes

      Hey Elizabeth, thank you for your comment, the coconutwater is locally called Kelapa Muda. Muda means ‘young’. This refers to the fact that the coconut only has a lot of water just after the ripening process, as the fruit has just been picked. An older coconut shall only be used to dry the pulp. So the water will always be extracted from young coconuts. Kind regards, Loes

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